NYCC 2016: Our Favorite Art & Artists

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If you’re reading this, chances are you didn’t go to New York Comic Con. But I bet many of you wish you could have! The SketchBook team is fortunate to be able to go to a number of fan conventions every year, and NYCC is definitely a highlight for us. We love meeting SketchBook users and introducing new folks to our drawing software, but what we love the most is having talented artists stop by our booth and draw for hours at a time. It’s a real pleasure for us to chat with them and watch them in action on our Twitch stream (which we also record for posterity).

So, what did they draw? We collected a few of our favorite drawings from the weekend to share. If you like these artists’ work, dig in further and find out more about them. Follow them on Twitter or Instagram. Tell them you love their art. Purchase something they make. In short, show the people who make art you enjoy that you appreciate their time, effort, and creativity. They’ll love you for it.

Tony Fleecs

my little pony art
It’s really quite amazing to watch Tony at work. He can create a full My Little Pony drawing in an hour that looks ready for publication. Follow him on Twitter and enjoy a stream of great images that include — but also go way beyond — ponies.


Ken Lashley

ken ashley art
Ken surprised us with electric Darth Vader and Phoenix drawings that look way cool. He’s @ledkilla on Instagram, and he’s got a lot of great things to share.


Natali Koromoto

natali koromoto
Natali was in full-on Halloween mood for us, with some adolescent trixs that were as delicious as a big bowl of candy. Follow her on Instagram where she’ll surely be going even deeper into Halloween this month.


Paul Shipper

paul shipper poster art
Paul worked on an epic World of Warcraft movie poster. This poster has a lot of detail in it. Gigantic. Get his work in your stream with a quick follow on Twitter.


Ken Taya

enfu sticker art
We were thrilled to meet Ken and have him join us for the first time at NYCC. His sticker illustrations are colorful, fun, and very kewl. Just like Ken. Enjoy every scrumptious illustration on his website and consider buying his book. We got a copy, and it’s going to be a hot property in our office. It’s that good.


Kyle Runciman

Our own Kyle Runciman did what he does oh-so-well. Beautiful Turtle, Kyle. And those buildings. Nice.
Our own Kyle Runciman did what he does oh-so-well. Beautiful turtle, Kyle. Love those buildings, too. Don’t bother following Kyle on Twitter. He’s a virtual ghost online.