Mandala Week: Mandalas in Motion with SketchBook Motion

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Mandalas in Motion

We love our iPad App SketchBook Motion. It has a loyal fan base and won App of the Year from Apple, and we always want to keep shining more light shone upon it so people who draw who might not have thought about animation will give this completely different way of drawing with movement a try. As part of our celebration of mandalas, we asked an animator in our office, Kyu, to see what kind of mandala she might animate in SketchBook Motion. She came up with this hibernating duo of bunny and bear which uses a number of the SketchBook Motion features layered onto each other. We can imagine many great mandalas that benefit from the addition of SketchBook Motion animations. Mandalas in motion can have swirling, spinning, and radiating features enhancing the beauty and meditative qualities. They also add details that are evocative when telling a story like this one.

Woodland Hibernation Mandalas in Motion .Gif
Woodland hibernation mandala.

SketchBook Motion Features

SketchBook Motion is an easy way to animate your drawings and export them as .mp4 or .gif files or even as iMessage stickers. You can animate along Beelines adding paths and pivots to the asset; you can animate Particle Effects and manipulate their origin, direction and speed of movement. The best workflow is to take individual layers as images from SketchBook into Motion and add the animations to it as you build the whole piece. Layering the effects and tuning the variables can really give your animated sketch more complexity and natural movement. It is a flexible app and great work has been made in it. Check out and use the tag #SketchBookMotion to see and show what can be done.

Download SketchBook Motion

If you haven’t tried SketchBook Motion, or even heard of it, it’s free for download in the Apple App Store. Head on over there to go get it. If you already have a SketchBook subscription, you already have full access to all of the features Motion has to offer.