Introducing an All New SketchBook Windows 10 for Tablets

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Today we’re releasing a version of SketchBook for Windows Tablets users. You can download it from the Windows Store and start using it immediately.

Long-time Windows users may know that previously we offered a simplified version of SketchBook for Windows Tablet, but this new release of SketchBook is an entirely different, brand-new app. It’s a major upgrade:

  • Software that takes advantage of hardware: With Windows 10 at the core, we’re able to take advantage of GPU acceleration and multi-thread processing and a whole bunch of other technical details that might bore you to death. But the bottom line is you’ll have a better experience with real-time tracking of your screen/stylus and a better touch experience. We’ve built an entirely new framework for our apps that we’re implementing with this new version that will enable us to promote greater feature parity across all of our platforms and release new versions for all platforms faster.
  • 2-in-1 support: If you own one of those laptops that act like tablets and fold back on themselves or disconnects from its keyboard (some of our favorites being the Surface, Surface Pro, and Lenovo ThinkPad P40 Yoga), you’ll like the fact that this app is available in both desktop and tablet modes.
  • Gigantic canvas: If you’ve ever wanted to draw something ambitiously large, now you can. This version allows you to create a 10,000 x 10,000 pixel canvas. But don’t forget — you still have to fill that space with a massive amount of creativity.
  • Features galore: Dozens of additional brushes in the Brush Library; a virtually unlimited number layers thanks to the power of Windows 10; unlimited undo; plus new Layer Tools (marking menu) that will make your workflow much faster, and a full-featured Color Puck in the Color Tools to help you choose colors on the fly.
  • Stroke Stabilizer: This is a very neat feature that’s making its debut in this version of SketchBook. If you’re familiar with Steady Stroke from other versions of our app, you’ll like Stroke Stabilizer. If you need help drawing smooth lines, this tool will tighten up your messy lines automatically after you lift your pen. It’s an option if you need it, and it’s especially handy for doing things like hand lettering.

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Is this version of SketchBook for you?

We put together a handy checklist (followed by a short video) to help you determine if you should make the plunge on this app:

  • Old user: If you currently use SketchBook for Windows Tablet, you’re going to want to switch to this new app immediately because it’s much better. Go get it now.
  • Cintiq user: Yes, the Cintiq runs Windows 10. So if you already use something like the Cintiq Companion 2 this app will work wonderfully on your device.
  • New user: If you’ve never heard of SketchBook before but have always wanted to try digital drawing — you’ll like this app. It will support the stylus that’s already built in to your device, so whether you create detailed drawings or just like to doodle and take notes, this app is going to surprise you. You’ll probably wonder why there isn’t anything remotely as powerful in the Windows Store.
  • Non-user: If you’re not a Windows Tablet user, you’re absolutely going to hate this app. It’s a non-starter. ?

That last one was in jest, but if this version isn’t for you, don’t fret. We have plenty of other SketchBook versions for nearly every device available for download on our support site. And, if you weren’t already aware of this, Microsoft is offering a free upgrade to Windows 10 — but only until July 29th. Do it now.