What Should I Draw Today? Introducing Sketch This

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sketch this daily drawing challenge 30 day

If you’ve ever tried a 30-day drawing challenge you know much your creativity can be challenged by having to draw something new and unexpected every day. To make sure you’ll always have something new to create, we’ve partnered with DeviantArt to announce Sketch This. It’s a daily drawing challenge for artists of all skill levels, and it’s now available directly inside SketchBook mobile for iOS and Android.

So update your apps and say goodbye to art block forever. Sketch This is simple, but most of all it’s tons of fun. You’ll find new prompts to get you going inside SketchBook under the menu on your mobile phone or tablet. Choose a drawing challenge that inspires you, sketch it out, and then share your work on DeviantArt. With each challenge, you can also check out submitted entries from other SketchBook artists.

deviant art sketch this drawing challenges

There’s a new challenge every day. Some are simple. Some have time limits to challenge yourself further. Some are extra special and are given to you by a hero artist from the community. Find a challenge that fits your style and stretches your skills. We’re certain that Sketch This will get your creative juices flowing.

Sketch This is available starting today on iOS and Android devices. Update your SketchBook mobile app and get inspired today!

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