Inktober Wrap Up: Week One

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inkober week one: header

The beauty of Inktober is in its simplicity. A new drawing every day, so there’s not a lot of time to fuss over or revise your work. And the medium itself is traditionally analog — pen on paper. But in another way, ink drawings are almost digital. It’s either on as black space or off as white space. In any event, we’ve already seen some lovely drawings in the first week of Inktober. We collected a few of our favorites from Inktober week one that we thought everyone wouldn’t want to miss.

inkober week one: 10-7-collage

Carlos Díaz (@skydrawdesign, top) drew the whimsically dangerous top image using our special Inktober Brush Set for Day 3: Collect. Someone’s definitely going to collect at the end of this sequence. @ivan_lugovoy on Instagram, middle right) says it ain’t not Inktober if it’s not real ink. Tony Helms (@tonycartoonish on Instagram, middle right) got appropriately cartoonish, and Nkem Abia (@lagosketcher on Instagram, bottom) gets noisy with his gasoline generator for the Noisy prompt.



Day 5 was Sad, and @rigs3d on Instagram (top left) made a very sad monster with a weeping umbrella. Cheer up, buddy! Day 6 gets better. Victor J. Rodriguez (@victomon on Twitter, top middle) drew these leaf raiders for Day 3: Collect with some pretty detailed work. We’re in love with this bird who’s in love with an origami swan for the Hidden prompt (top right) by @gingmaliwan on Instagram. Spectacular! Sam Teskey (@sam_teskey on Instagram) says he “decided to try Inktober this year.” (bottom) We’re glad you did, Sam!

Thats it for Inktober week one. We still have the rest of the month, so please keep the Inktober momentum up. We’ll be featuring more SketchBook staff favorites every Friday throughout October.

How to be seen

You can follow us on InstagramFacebook, or Twitter for prompt announcements. Or, simply check back in on this page every day to see what the community is drawing that day. Tag your drawings with two hashtags — #sketchbook and #inktober. Those are the ones we’re looking for, so draw your heart out.