Inktober Art from Week 2: Team Favorites

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inktober wrap up art from community
Banner art by Tony Helm / Cartoonstudies.

Inktober is well into its second week now. Our community has been tirelessly creating art and sharing it with two hashtags — #sketchbook #inktober. It’s all in the name of self improvement, and we’re excited to feature some of our favorite art created by talented folks from all over the Internet. There’s intense feels going on with these daily prompts in the past week  — lost, broken, worried, and scared are a few of the emotional prompts given out by the official Inktober site.

Thebrokenmasterpiece from DeviantArt reminds us of lost little Red Riding hood. Her basket is suspiciously empty!


@msaninm on Instagram makes us wish for a simpler time with this classic Nokia phone for Day 8: Rock. We’re old so we miss those bar phones. Who needs apps when you have that Snake game?


Next up, the use of typography for this broken piece by @mbeero on Instagram is ace. Second only to the striking white on solid black.


S0ulk1ller, don’t do it! You’ve go so much to live for! We love the use of perspective to give a dizzying feeling. SketchBook Pro makes it easy with Perspective Guides


The Transport prompt resulted in so many favorites we had to make a collage. Yeah, you guys are that good.


On the top left, Valentina imagines a dystopian world where adorable cats rule over the mice. At least, that’s what we’re picking up on it! Top right, Carmela is sending a whole truckload of Inktober your way. In the middle, Deomacius pops up with this space age bubble car. Bottom left, Shauna72 takes us back with this sweet penny farthing. And last but not least Mali2013 created this bullet train and added that they had never drawn a train before. That’s exactly the kind of spirit we want to encourage with Inktober!

This worried little bear by GeoffOsborne might harken back to the 80’s cartoons of our youth, but check out that belly. This Care Bear is hip to the new school ways with an adorable Apple emoji.



This Day 13: Scared contribution by victomon caught our eye for the clean composition. We love the way the fox is surrounded by his den. Everything in his expression and stance sells the fear he must be feeling from being interrupted.


How to be seen

You can follow us on InstagramFacebook, or Twitter for prompt announcements. Or, simply check back in on our Inktober Prompt Page every day to see what the community is drawing that day. Tag your drawings with two hashtags — #sketchbook and #inktober. Those are the ones we’re looking for, so draw your heart out.