Important update to SketchBook App!

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newsfeed-update-feb2015 SketchBook App

There’s been an important update to the SketchBook apps. If you’re using Membership desktop, Android, or iOS – download the new version right now!

Membership version 



Listening to community feedback, we tried to prioritize the most critical issues with this update. You’ll notice a ‘Save As’ button in the gallery. Application stability has been increased across the board, including after purchasing, saving, importing and exporting images. Third-party stylus improvment has been added, with left hand support.

When you’re in the desktop application, you’ll notice a brand new experience the first time you open then app. The new screen helps you see which level you’re signed into, get info on the different types of membership, sign up or buy Pro membership, and jump to tutorials or the latest SketchBook news.

As always, there’s a ton of under the hood tweaks and invisible fixes that should improve your drawing experience. Download it right away! We can’t wait to see what you create.