Hearthstone Tournament this Weekend: Battle of Gadgetzan

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Battle of Gadgetzan - hearthstone tournament banner

About a month ago, we sponsored the DOTA 2 Beyond the Summit tournament, an esports event tracking the eventual DOTA 2 champs — and boy was it fun. We provided a special artist, Kai Jiang, to draw some very cool art of the contestants doing battle. We’ve got another event coming up that we hope you’ll join us for that’s focused on Hearthstone.

Once again we’ll be providing an artist, this time for Esport Arena‘s Hearthstone Tournament Battle of Gadgetzan, part of Blizzard’s 2016 World Championship Tour, which starts this Sunday, December 4th at 10 a.m. PST. It’s an online tournament that will be broadcast live on Esport Arena’s Twitch Channel, and we’ll be carrying the live art stream on the SketchBook Twitch Channel.

Our artist for the event

We’ve asked Matthew Torres to be the official artist of the tournament. He’ll be drawing the epic moments in the online battles as they happen. The last time we did this for the DOTA tournament, the art that came out of it was really beautiful, and we know that people really loved being able to download the art. We’ll drop the art on the SketchBook blog right here in this post after the event concludes, so if you find a painting you like you can download it and keep it.

Matthew Torres will be our official artist for the tournament. We’re cool with him just adding in some skateboards to the art if he wants.

Battle of Gadgetzan Tournament Artwork

We also commissioned one of our favorite artists Trent Kaniuga to create Hearthstone artwork of heroes Gul’Dan and Malfurion using SketchBook Pro. Trent has worked on artwork for not only Hearthstone but also Overwatch and League of Legends. In fact, he has done the official artwork for a number of Hearthstone cards you might be familiar with. Stay tuned after Sunday’s tournament for Trent’s full video tutorial on this art piece. In the meantime, you can download his artwork here.

Battle of Gadgetzan Banner Art by Trent Kaniuga
Thrall vs. Malfurion by Trent Kaniuga

1: Jab (Warlock) vs. Purple (Shaman) 

Purple wipes the board with Maelstrom Portal and Bloodmage Thalnos after Jab's costly Knife Juggler miss.
Purple wipes the board with Maelstrom Portal and Bloodmage Thalnos after Jab’s costly Knife Juggler miss.

2: Dog (Shaman) vs. Muzzy (Mage)


Be notified when the tournament begins

This tournament will be the first tournament where players will competitively use the latest Hearthstone expansion deck, the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan. It was released today, and this tournament will be the first one to utilize this all-new deck. If you want to join in and watch the event in real time, go to our Hearthstone Page or follow SketchBook on Twitch to be notified when the Battle of Gadgetzan starts.

Watch live video from autodesksketchbook on

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