Free Brush Set of the Week: Mohammad’s Expressive Painting Brush Set

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Each Monday, we post a free brush set for SketchBook users here on the SketchBook blog. We know from talking to people in person and online that the artists who use our app are always interested in free brush sets. You can, of course, make your own brushes, but sometimes it’s nice to have a whole set that’s focused on one particular style of drawing that you can just install and start using.

Traditional Painting Brush Strokes

This week, we’re focused on traditional painting brush strokes. Our intern Mohammad Qureshi has been working on some great tutorials around topics like Plein Air Painting in SketchBook. We love this focus on traditional forms of drawing and painting. It made us want to get outdoors and paint with some sunshine. This week, Mohammad has a whole new tutorial for us about expressive painting digitally, and for that tutorial he created a new brush set that contains 14 brushes (including some great smudge brushes). We thought it was such a good set — especially for painters who focus on traditional work — that we should give it away as a free weekly set.

expressive free brush set photoshop

Ready to start drawing with these? Download Mohammad’s Expressive Painting Brush Set and install it in SketchBook.

Installing the brush sets

Being able to share and install these weekly free brush sets in the desktop app is one of the features for SketchBook subscribers. If you’re using the latest desktop version of SketchBook, simply double click on the .skbrushes file, and it will automatically install. Check out this article for all the details about brushes and legacy versions. If you haven’t tried the subscription, you can download a free trial and unlock Pro membership for 15 days (no credit card required).