Free Brush Set: Dashes & Lines

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dashes and lines brush banner

For this week’s free brush set, we thought we’d bring you something a little bit different. I’m sure most of us sketch lines and dashes manually within our works of art and haven’t thought twice about trying a different or easier method. But today’s the day that all changes! Download our Dashes and Lines Brush Set now, and if you’re still confused as to how you can benefit from these brushes, keep reading.

hash marks

These brushes can be of great use when creating an interesting look for a background or banner (such as the one used at the top of this post). You can easily create textures and patterns using the two “Diagonals” brushes in the set (Diagonals and Diagonals Thick), as well as add texture with the hatching-based line forms like Waveform Hash and Fat Hatching. These brushes are really handy when creating shading. You can also use these brushes to emulate textures such as cloth or burlap, as you can see in this drawing of a treasure map:

lines brush map

Of course, you don’t have to use these brushes to make any sort of complex painting. These tools are great to achieve simple tasks and give you a highly polished and professional finished product. As the GIF below shows, you can use it to make a path on a map. You can also create simple cutting marks on a project. It’s a handy tool to have at your reach if the need ever comes up and it can save a lot of time from having to do it manually.

lines brush map gif

If you’re someone who thrives in the comfort of low-opacity, feathered-brush painting, let this be the week you get out of that comfort zone. The dashes and lines brush set will help you create art with solid and blunt lines. After you’ve completed your sketch, you can stylize it by playing around with the colors. You can lock the layer on which you made your sketch and paint over all of the line work with whatever colors you want. Make a gradient like the example shown in the banner. Overlay a texture or pattern. Go nuts! This method looks amazing with the absence of feathered strokes and you’ll get a bold and striking end result. Best part is, the varying colors can hide any problem areas or mistakes you may have made.

Installing the brush sets

Being able to share and install these weekly free brush sets in the desktop app is one of the features for SketchBook subscribers. If you’re using the latest desktop version of SketchBook, simply double click on the .skbrushes file, and it will automatically install. Check out this article for all the details about brushes and legacy versions. If you haven’t tried the subscription, you can download a free trial and unlock Pro membership for 15 days (no credit card required).