Best of Inktober Week 3: Our Community Favorites

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the best of inktober from the community

They say that time passes quicker when you’re having a good time. Seems to be true as we’re absolutely enjoying all of the Inktober posts from the community, and the month is flying past. Hard to believe it’s already the third week of the drawing challenge known as Inktober. Scouring the Internet for tags of #inktober and #sketchbook posts, each Friday we’re rounding up our favorite for you. Here’s what caught the team’s eye in the past week.


Best of Inktober Week 3

This entry by Quimbandart from DeviantArt is a little late. That’s on us. It was for Day 9: Rock, but we couldn’t resist sharing this piece. Can you blame us? Dwayne Johnson (and his eyebrow) is always a crowd pleaser.

best of inktober drawings

Bumbleanddee’s tropical vision of Day 14: Tree has us wishing summer could last forever. The top down view is a great composition. All the cute characters featured in Bumbleadndee’s Instagram posts make every scene instantly charming.

inktober cuteness

Instagrammer udnis gives us a vision of where we’d like to be right now: relaxing! Not that we don’t love writing blog posts. We just don’t have a lovely view like this one in our office. We’re a bit jealous.


Instagram art sharer ochunsita8246 made this abstract underwater vision for Day 16: Wet. We love the careful use of one color on her eyes and lips. And those bubbles! We’re curious: Were they made with our Dots Brush Set?


This battle from DeviantArt’s Skydraw looks deadly serious. You might want to stand back. Love the repeating woods texture on the fence. It’s simple but effective in making the characters stand out from the background.


Logo and typography work in done SketchBook always catches our eye right away. There are a few tools that can help make perfectly crisp lines like the Ruler and Perspective Guides. We’re pretty sure Dletica from DeviantArt used one of these methods for the pin-straight line art on this clean sign for Day 18: Escape.


Instagrammer rdepass knows what Day 20: Squeeze is all about — giving a hug to your best friend. Be sure to check out her other Inktober work too. It has a Calvin and Hobbes feel to it. Amazing!


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