Community Favorites: Best of Inktober Week 4

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The last full week of Inktober is a wrap! We’re absolutely astounded by your enthusiasm and ideas because they’re still fresh and exciting after twenty seven days of drawing! Are you sure we can’t power a small city on your creativity? There’s gotta be a way to harness this. Here is our wrap up of Inktober Week 4!

The Best of Inktober Week 4

Instagrammer zerozero7 shares this cute chicky for Day 22: Little.


Baby chicks seem to be a theme across Inktober. Instagram user sam_teskey doodled up twelve of the lil’ fluff balls for the Day 24 prompt: One Dozen. We can’t choose which one is our favorite. Don’t make us pick!


And then for Day 23: Slow, many people in our community chose to draw sloths. Are you guys using Inktober to combine your thoughts into one huge artistic mind-meld? This stuff is nuts. From Deviant Art, on the top, Dletica shows a cute little guy hanging from his branch. Bottom left, Geoff Osborne gives Zootopia a shout-out with everyone’s favorite DMV employee, Flash.


For Day 26: Box, we saw a lot of boxes with their best friends  . . . cats! From Instagram, on the top, kalemeller_illustrasyonlari created a really cute abstract collage. Bottom right, k1tty47 shows us the coolest cat they know; you can tell by the sunglasses. And bonczisan knows what all cats really want: something straight off the runway from ‘Pawdidas’! How many colorways of this slick new box are there, do you think?


Last but not least, a final kitty cat showed up for Day 27: Creepy by axtaffe on Instagram.


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This ends Inktober Week 4. There’s only a few days left to Inktober, but we encourage you to keep on going! We’ll have a final wrap up post early in November with our favorites across the whole month of October. Follow us on InstagramFacebook, or Twitter to see the daily Inktober prompts. You can also check our Inktober Prompt Page every day. Once you’ve finished your drawing, tag it with #sketchbook and #inktober. Keep going; you’ve almost made it to the end!