Color As Emotion: DestinyBlue’s Favorites

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It’s time to reveal DestinyBlue’s picks for her Color As Emotion challenge! Thanks to all the users who took part!

Color As Emotion: Serenity River Daniel-Auber

~ Serenity ~
The crisp blue of running water feels fresh yet calming, as the pair drift their way downstream, they are bathed in warmer colours, drinking up the music playing from the headphones. Daniel-Aubert has done a great job of putting me into that moment with them. The soft painting style lends to the tranquility of it all.  I feel more serene just looking at this!


Color As Emotion: Love by ufo-gala
~ Love ~
Runner up
Self love can push the darkness away and sooth the black spikes of self doubt. So poignant are the scars on her wrist, with green shoots of life poking through, symbolising hope and growth. Bursting with emotion, ufo-galz concept certainly strikes an emotional chord with me. May she keep loving and growing.


Color As Emotion: Fury by David Vargo
~ Fury ~
Runner up
You don’t want to upset an angel – just look at that expression! I love the powerful reds which run through her skin and wings, fire-lit by the illuminated clouds behind. DavidVargo takes warm colours to the extreme, I can positively feel the heart of her emotions staring right through me; and I really don’t want to stick around to find out how she’ll unleash her fury!


Color As Emotion: Melancholy by Oniamy
~ Melancholy ~
Runner up
Oniamy has built a thoughtful scene where bluedominates, permeating everything, from skin to trees to stars. She has captured a place of reflection, that place where you dwell within your sadder emotions, a place we all need to visit sometimes, but a place I know all too well…


Special thanks to everyone for participating in the Color As Emotion challenge!
And of course- thanks to DestinyBlue for her inspiring challenge!