Bobby Chiu Reviews the iPad Pro + Pencil

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Did you get an iPad Pro? Did you get an Apple Pencil? Are you thinking about it? No doubt many of you who are reading this have at least thought about that lovely one-two art combination. Is it the ultimate tool for artists? Apple always makes the best of the best in hardware (according to some people), but of course like any stylus the software you use has to support the device. Otherwise, it’s just a pencil that doesn’t even write.

Our dear friend Bobby Chiu reviews the iPad Pro/Pencil combination, and he’s a pretty fair reviewer. As a character designer best known for his lovable designs in Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, he uses a lot of different devices. We can’t wait to see his new designs in the upcoming sequel, Alice Through the Looking Glass. It’s the final appearance by Alan Rickman as Absolem the hookah-smoking Blue Caterpillar, with the film being dedicated to the beloved late actor. Bobby’s talents range far further than even that, from designing Disney, Warner Bros, and Star Wars toys to spearheading the Amazon animated series Niko and the Sword of Light.

We thought it would be great to share his review on the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil combo. Should you get it? Here’s what Bobby says:

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