Beasted Up Cars Tutorial by Nitrouzzz

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Andrey Pridybaylo — aka Nitrouzzz on Instagram —  is a Russian illustrator who draws cars that are a combination of metal, chrome, and monster for the easy and cool things to draw collection of his own. He’s well known for his “beasted up” cars. Usually, these are muscle cars with angry faces and sharp teeth and a whole lot of attitude, although not all of his cars are menacing. Some of them are just plain cool looking.


We asked him to create a tutorial for us to show SketchBook users how to give a car drawing a completely different personality. If you already draw cars you’ll probably love this, but even if you don’t it’s probably a great exercise to think about how to personify objects and give them human attributes. Download Andrey’s Beasted Up PDF tutorial and add some humanity to your machines.

how to draw cars with faces


Beyond Beasted Up

Andrey takes commissions for these kinds of drawings, but he doesn’t just do cars. His pen-and-ink profiles have a bit of the grotesque in them, and like the best traditions of grotesque art, the details are quite beautiful when you zoom in past the shocking facade. His commissioned works range from tattoos to advertisements for car-centric businesses, to prints and t-shirts he sells on his Society 6 site. Give them a look if you like his style.