Efflam Mercier & ArtStation Show Off SketchBook 4.0 on iPad Pro

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Efflam Mercier Banner

We teamed up with Art Station and Riot Games Concept Artist Efflam Mercier to see what amazing work Efflam could come up with using the updated SketchBook 4.0 on the iPad Pro. Efflam created this amazing Alien landscape with a huntress and her alien pets for us. It has a great oil paint look with an evocative landscape and beautiful colors. He also documented his process and thoughts on the new SketchBook update for iOS in a great YouTube video on ArtStation’s channel.

Efflam Mercier Concept Art

In his video Efflam Mercier walks us all through some of the new features in SketchBook on iOS including new interface features, layer locks, how to import reference images and custom brush sets. He walks us through the process of creating this image, showing a painterly aesthetic that really takes advantage of SketchBook and the iPad Pro’s capabilities.

Efflam feels that “any technology that enables artists not to be locked down to their desk 24/7 is really exciting” and that the duo of SketchBook and iPad Pro is “super fun to work with”. A sentiment which we really agree with, we love the flexibility afforded by SketchBook on tablets and mobile platforms.

Have a look at Efflux’s in-depth walkthrough on Art Station’s YouTube channel below: