? for a ? 2016 —> ? U in 2017!

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We’re blessed to work for a company that cares a lot about its employees. Autodesk recognizes a week of rest between Christmas and New Year’s, which means we’re spending some serious quality time with our friends and families. We wanted to pass along a holiday greeting from Autodesk while also letting you know that this week is a “bye” for brush sets. We’ll have a new one ready for download next week, so check back when the new year rolls around.

? for 2016… ? for 2017

We entered 2016 with a lot of ideas about how we can do better as the makers of SketchBook. We’ve always been blessed with a community of passionate users, and they always respond positively when we add new features to their favorite drawing program. Our customers don’t just want the best digital drawing experience to express their creativity — they also expect us to make continuous strides in the improvement and innovation of our apps.

And we made a lot of improvements in 2016! The desktop version saw the addition of features like Radial Symmetry and custom hotkeys (among others), but far and away the thing we heard the most about from our desktop users was how much they enjoy all of the free custom brush sets we began giving away earlier in the year. People really love being able to download custom brushes and make new and different types of art. When you get a free brush set, you’re usually also getting some ideas for what to draw next. You’ll definitely see more custom brushes in 2017 — we’ll be expanding that success into all kinds of new directions.

Our mobile apps added Windows 10 for Tablets (and after that its own way to add custom brushes), a very killer Scan Sketch feature that helps you turn physical drawings into digital ones in an instant, and nifty things like Hide the UI that gets the interface out of your way so you can just draw.  And, of course, we innovated in a big way with our entirely new app that is free for SketchBook Pro members, SketchBook Motion. We didn’t know when we released it that it would become Apple’s iPad App of the Year, but we’re so glad it was recognized for its entirely new way of thinking about drawing and animation.

We’re pretty happy with the way SketchBook progressed in 2016, and we wanted to let our users know that we have lots of new things planned that we know you’re going to love. Thank you, as always, for spending time with us by reading what we write on this blog, following us on social media, and sharing what you make with us (#sketchbookpro)! It’s a real joy for us to connect with our users, and we hope that as we commit to making SketchBook bigger and better in 2017 that you’ll commit to drawing even more. You can make anything — and we’re so thankful that you choose us when you do.