Designer 2012

Autodesk SketchBook Designer 2012 is now available!

SketchBook Designer is a hybrid raster/vector environment that delivers both flexibility and precision for exploring concepts and producing stunning artwork.

What's new is 2012:

✓ Vector enhancements
  • Preset shapes (squares, circles, polylines)
  • Snapping across curves
  • 'Stickers' for adjusting connecting curves 
  • Import images to create custom Fills

✓ Text layers

✓ Masking workflows
  • Create & manage masks to isolate regions
  • Preserve transparency
  • Hide Layer options

✓ Custom palette
  • Quick access to your most use tools and settings

✓ For AutoCAD users
  • New AutoCAD add-in with integrated workflows 

For more information click here -

To download a trial version click here


SketchBook Pro 2011 SP1 (5.1)

Service Pack 1, also known as version 5.1, was first available to Mac App Store customers last February. Today, the update is available to all SketchBook Pro 2011 customers, free of charge.

What's New:

✓ Language translation improvements
✓ Alpha color swatch
   • Turn a brush into an eraser
✓ Preference for 2 or 3 column Brush Palette 
✓ 3 additional preset brush sets
   • A total of 56 brushes to explore and customize
✓ Brush sets now store 18 brushes
✓ Text tool now available in the Toolbar 
✓ Interaction changes with Shape strokes
   • Enter key to accept Polyline creation; Esc key to cancel
   • Shift to draw horizontal or vertical when in the Line tool
   • Oval draws from the center point outward
✓ Fixes to multi-user login
✓ Image Resize can now change DPI without affecting pixel resolution
✓ Brush Property puck now includes Opacity adjustment

To go to the download page, click here.

•Downloads for both Mac and Windows are available
•Remove the previous version before installing the update 
•For Mac App Store customers, this download will not properly update your version of SketchBook Pro.  You must update directly from the Mac App Store.

Ce Service Pack contient un certain nombre de mises à jour mineures et de correctifs. Pour obtenir plus de renseignements à ce sujet, veuillez consulter la section Nouveautés.

Este paquete de servicio incluye arreglos y pequeñas actualizaciones. Para mas detalles, revisar el documento de ayuda en la sección de novedades.

Dieses Service Pack beinhaltet Fixes und kleine Updates. Fuer weitere Details bitten wir, die “Was ist Neu”-Abschnitte in der Dokumentation zu lesen.

Questo Service Pack include correzioni di alcuni aggiornamenti minori. Per ulteriori dettagli, leggere le novità di documentazione della Guida.

このサービス パックはマイナー アップデートを含んでいます。より詳細な情報は、ヘルプ ドキュメンテーションにある新機能の説明(What’s New)をご覧ください。

이 서비스 팩은 마이너 업데이트를 포함하고 있습니다. 상세한 정보는 헬프 도큐멘테이션에 있는 신기능의 설명(What’s New)를 참조해 주십시요.


Coming Soon: Exhibit at One Market!

Since our Call-for-Submissions post on March 12, there has been an incredible response from SketchBook users from around the world.

We are pleased to announce that the first exhibit is being planned for early May at Autodesk Gallery at One Market in San Francisco.  Located in the historic Landmark Building, former South Pacific Rail headquarters, the gallery hosts more than 20 exibits, showcasing the work of Autodesk customers and illustrates the role of software in great design and the process that takes an idea and turns it into reality.

This will be the first Art Exhibit in the space that showcases the diversity and excellence of SketchBook customers.

The collection is being curated by Susan Murtaugh, an independent artist & designer, on behalf of Autodesk and the SketchBook team.

For a chance to be part of this unique show, submit your SketchBook artwork for consideration before end-of-day Thursday, March 24!  Submit links or image attachments to


Designer 2011 Update


Autodesk SketchBook Designer 2011 Service Pack 1 is now available.  For customers using the 2011 version of either SketchBook Designer or Alias Sketch (its original name), this update provides improvements to the vector workflow, including curve snapping when editing vector strokes and visual indicators to help identify closed regions when filling on vector layers.

Click here to download SketchBook Designer 2011 SP 1.

Uninstall the original version of SketchBook Designer 2011 before installing this Service Pack.



Important Note: Pro & Express on iPad 2

For new iPad 2 users, an issue has been discovered with the import feature in the Layer Editor.  SketchBook Pro and SketchBook Express automatically detect the availability of cameras when installed on the iPad 2 and enables this option.  We have received reports and have validated that tapping Camera causes the app to instantly exit.

Now that the our team has finally received one (it showed up today at our Toronto office), we are working on an update to not only fix this issue, but deliver exciting new features for both 1st and 2nd gen iPads!

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Also, we'd like to express our thanks to all the customers who emailed us to let us know about this problem!