SketchBook @ WWDC

[Courtesy of MacLife]

Today, SketchBook was highlighted at the WWDC keynote.  Since the launch of the Mac App Store, Autodesk "has seen 1 million new users on the Mac", said Phil Schiller.

Sketch by Jay Shuster


Mobile 2.0 on iOS

On the weekend approach to Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference, the SketchBooks on iOS rolled out new updates, including a big one for SketchBook Mobile.

SketchBook Mobile 2.0. gets all of the preset brushes and UI enhancements that were made available on the iPad version last month.  The addition of Dropbox support also provides a direct method to archive layered files, not to mention moving canvases across devices and desktops. 

What's New:

✓ Import & Export to the Gallery using Dropbox and iTunes File Sharing

✓ Print canvases directly from the Gallery

✓ You can now toggle draw styles from the Toolbar
• Create straight lines, circles or rectangles

✓ A new page of 20 brushes

✓ New Brush Parameters to further customize the look of brush strokes
• Spacing noise
• Rotation jitter
• Brush angle
• Squish

✓ Additional Slider precision
• Nudge button for brush sliders.

✓ Pinch zoom snaps at 100%

✓ Brush puck constraints
• Now Brush Opacity and Size are adjusted independently

✓ Autosaving for improved canvas recovery

iPad Updates:

Both the free Express and Pro version rolled out minor updates which added Air Printing as an Export option in the Gallery.



Designer Tutorial by David Bentley

David Bentley is an illustrator and 3D visualization artist.  He has created two SketchBook Designer 2012  tutorials based on a conceptual project: The Knievel.  The series of tutorials walk through the project from an initial brief through exploring concept generation, refinement, and final illustration.  Along the way, Dave shares his personal techniques as well as tips and tricks with SketchBook Designer.


PDF Downloads
Part 1: Concept Generation (3.5 MB)
Part 2: Illustration (7.5 MB)

David is currently an assistant professor at the College for Creative Studies' Entertainment Arts Dept. David graduated with a BFA in Industrial Design from the Brigham Young University in 1997. He has design experience with major automotive manufacturers, including working on the GT40 Ford production program. In 2003, he joined Alias as an Application Engineer for both design and entertainment software.  In 2006, after the Autodesk acquisition of Alias, he specialized in Conceptual Design using Sketchbook Pro, Mudbox, Alias Studio, and Maya. David is a freelance illustrator, designer, and trainer at Bentley Design.  He is based in Michigan with his wife and four children.

To learn more about David:



Ask questions and find solutions with other SketchBook users from around the world. The SketchBook team is also onboard to provide responses to questions and comments.   


View and download PDF versions of SketchBook documentation.



Designer - Getting Started Videos

A number of people have requested some simple movies to help get going with SketchBook Designer.  We have created a series of 8 YouTube videos that provide an overview of key aspects of the product. 


Click here to go to the YouTube channel.