The Digital Canvas Reception

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Last Thursday, May 5, 2011, the Autodesk Gallery hosted a private reception for the Digital Canvas exhibition.  With over 100 guests, including contributing artists, guests and local media, the exhibit was unveiled in a highly intimate and social setting.

The Collection: Curated by Susan Murtaugh, the exhibit's aim was to celebrate  the diversity and creativity of digital art.

"The 'day job' diversity of our 82 artists is astounding.", said Susan in her opening remarks, "Starting with a fourth grade student, university students and professors, a public health worker, lawyer, aerospace technician, general contractor, a farmer, a real estate broker, a couple of architects,  a journalist, goldsmith, an obstetrician and surgeon. Not to mention professional illustrators, animators, designers and directors."

The audience was also given a special treat thanks to Jay Shuster, Art Director of Pixar, who shared his background story along with amazing behind the scenes details and concept sketches from the upcoming Cars 2 movie. 

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"Breath of Fresh Airline"

Last week, Virgin America launched its new national multi-media "Breath of Fresh Airline" advertising and marketing campaign.  Using imagery of passengers through an airplane window, they convey fresh experiences, including this one featuring SketchBook!

For more information about the campaign, click here.


Pro 2.0 for iPad

On May 5, 2011, SketchBook Pro 2.0 for iPad was made available on the App Store.

What's New

✓Customizable User Interface
• Assign a selection of commands to 3 finger swipe gestures
• Radial menu for expert users to assign brush + color combinations
• Brush Palette for fast access to your favorite brushes
• Color Swatch Palette for fast access to your favorite colors

✓Brush Properties Puck
• Opacity and Size now adjust independently

✓Additional Brush Properties
• Brush rotation
• Brush aspect ratio
• Randomization  for brush spacing and rotation

✓Slider precision
• Tap beside sliders to nudge values
• Variable speed scrubbing on sliders (moving finger down below slider increases precision with distance)

✓Additional Brushes
• SketchBook Store
• Install new brush sets (5 completely new brush sets)

✓Pinch Zoom
• snaps to 100% zoom when pinched to within 5%

✓Dropbox Support
• Import and Export files to Dropbox

✓Layered File Import
• Import layered files

✓iPad 2
• Normal resolution (1024x768 with 12 layers)
• Option for High Resolution canvas (2048x1536 with 4 layers)
• 20 undo/redo levels
• Support for mirroring on external displays

✓Bug fixes & Performance
• Better document recovery when things go bad
• Fixed import from Camera on iPad 2
• Fixed low memory issues when importing large images from Photo Library


For more details about the release, Click here to view or download the SketchBook Pro 2.0 documentation.


Join the Facebook Group

 If you are a "Facebook person", you can join the SketchBook Pro Group.  Connect with fellow SketchBook users through the Wall and Discussions. We also  post news and announcements.

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Spotlight on Goro Fujita

If you have been a SketchBook Pro for iPad user for a little while, you will be very familiar with Goro Fujita's work.  For almost a year now, "Rain" and "Little Friend" have been the start-up splash screens for the app.

Goro Fujita was born in Japan but moved with his family to Germany when he was 3 years old.

"I was fascinated by drawing ever since I was a little child. I also remember drawing little flip book animations in my schoolbooks. I did a jumping frog flip book animation when I was about 8 years old. A few years later I started doing stop motion animations with a hi-8 camcorder and Lego figures with my brother. I always had a passion for drawing and film making."

After graduating High School he went to an animation school called "The German Film School for digital production" near Berlin. He graduated in 2005 and started working as a freelance character animator and visual development artist for TV commercials and Feature Films in Germany. In 2008 he joined PDI/DreamWorks as a visual development artist.  Recent projects include "Merry Madagascar" (2009 TV Special) and "Megamind (November 2010).

"I'm flattered that my art is well received around the globe.  I think mobile art is a wonderful thing. I always wanted a portable digital sketch pad. Digital art has been around for quite a while now. I personally don't think that mobile art will significantly change art and the creative process since the iPad is just another way to paint digitally. The painting process itself doesn't really change. But I think that the accessibility of the software and the great responsiveness of the screen might make digital painting a lot more popular and more people may give it a try."

Goro is currently working on Madagascar 3, scheduled to release in 2012.  He is among the 80 international artists participating in The Digital Canvas Exhibit in San Francisco on May 11, 2011.

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