Custom Brushes by Dave Bentley


We have been receiving requests for the ’50 Brush Samples’ created by David Bentley that were available for download last year.  With Dave’s permission, we have re-compiled the brushes into 4 Brush Sets (a total of 72 brushes) that can be directly imported into SketchBook Pro 2011 (version 5.0 and above) on Mac & Windows.



Click here to download Brushes

Click here to download Stamps

Click here to download Textures

Click here to download Design Brushes

You do not need to unzip the files after download.  Simply Import Brush Set from the Marking Menu at the top of the Brush Palette and select the zip file from from your browser.




Dave Bentley is a designer & digital artist.  With experience in automotive, product, and entertainment design. Dave currently teaches at the College for Creative Studies, Detroit.

Click here to see more of Dave’s work on his blog.